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Tuesday, Aug 13 2013 (about 2 years ago)
Team Associated B4.2 Brushless RTR 1/10 2wd Buggy w/2.4GHz Radio
Good valve, good speed and run time, but not much changed from b4.1 rtr. Servo broke on third battery pack, at an indoor track. Main difference is hex wheels, does have 4.2 shock towers so upgrading to big bore shocks would be a little smoother. Does not have +8 chassis, still has original b4 slipper spring (not v2), I wanted to put in rear ballast weight but had to update rear arm mount (still comes with original b4 rear arm mount). Mine came with the old reedy 3300kv, not the one shown on AE website with screws on the end. Price is still the same as old one, I would have rather seen a price increase to bring it closer to an actual b4.2.
Sunday, Jan 25 2015 (8 months ago)
Team Associated B4.2 Brushless RTR 1/10 2wd Buggy w/2.4GHz Radio
I purchased the buggy for Christmas. I love it. Like the other reviews its a great RC buggy. I'm fairly new to the hobby. After many months of research I decided to go with RC10b4-2 rtr. I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Its quick the handling is great. I purchased new tires for the buggy and its even quicker now. I purchased some hole shots for the rear and groovy's for the front. If you are a newbie like me i suggest you purchase and aluminum buckhead and titanium turnbuckles. I've purchased 3 plastic buckheads before I got an aluminum one. This bad boy is fast so make sure you have plenty of space to run it on. I'm looking at buying some hop ups now. I think I'm going to get another motor and esc once i can decide on which one is going to be the best fit for me. I would suggest the buggy to anyone just remember its fast so if you crash it into something you will break it. The good thing is the parts are easy to find and its not hard to repair. I hope this helps someone enjoy.
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Friday, Oct 11 2013 (about 2 years ago)
Team Associated B4.2 Brushless RTR 1/10 2wd Buggy w/2.4GHz Radio
Bought the Team Associated B4.2 RTR in the blue overall colored painted motif (you can get it in either a red or blue painted scheme). Best bang for the buck in terms of value if you don't want to spend time putting it together and would rather get it up & running in a short period of it with a $25 off discount making it an even sweeter deal at the discounted price of $224.99 (instead of the usual asking MSRP of $249.99). It came shipped with the upgraded AE SC500-BL electronic speed controller (esc) installed at the factory (has the four outer screws onboard to indicate that it's, indeed, that latest AE esc version). Of course, your mileage may vary depending on what esc is included: either the older Reddy 3300kv esc or the later production AE SC500-BL esc version depending if the B4.2 RTR set you buy is of an earlier production run or a later production run. I recieved one of the later production run B4.2 RTR sets (so Team Associated has delivered as promised with it's latest budget esc entry in their B4.2 RTR sets). As a basher straight out of the box, it's a blast to go full throttle with a 2-Cell hard case 5000mAh Li-Po battery for about an hour's solid run time with no issues to contend with (much better battery setup in going with a Li-Po battery upgrade with increased run times than going with a cheaper NiMH-based 7.2v 6-cell 5000mAh battery pack with shorter run times between charges). Reverse is included with the newer AE SC500-BL esc but only activates after braking is applied (reverse functionality will then engage on the second nudge of the pistol grip trigger, of course -- is a nice feature to have for bashing purposes but can be disabled for racing as it's not allowed). The included rear tires will eventually wear down after a few Li-Po battery pack runs if ran on an asphalt surface (aka the street)...would recommend getting a pair of Pro-Line Dirt Hawg I 2.2" Rear Buggy Tires (2) [Part no. PRO1071-00] for longer lasting and even tread wear between runs. Very solid Team Associated 1/10th scale B4 based off-road buggy for the asking price (not to mention the ease of replacement parts and upgrades at the local hobby shop if it needed be). By adding an optional B4 rear anti-sway bar upgrade, the buggy does get better performance on a flat high speed track setup due to less chassis roll during the turns. Give it a try with the rear anti-sway bar setup and see how it fares out in your bashing and/or racing venues.
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Friday, Mar 21 2014 (about a year ago)
Team Associated B4.2 Brushless RTR 1/10 2wd Buggy w/2.4GHz Radio
Bought this buggy so that I could race in another class at my local track. Easy to put together out of the box, but a royal pain to try and dial in with the factory controller. The setting adjustments are not as user-friendly as some of the other controllers I've used (Losi). Car would not go in reverse out of the box; I had to re-program the ESC. It handles pretty decently on the clay track I run it on, but does not take hard landings well. You really need to be efficient at hitting the landings on jumps. That's why I would not recommend this buggy for a beginner who does a lot of bashing. The antenna housing snapped the first time the buggy landed on its roof. My biggest criticism is that the connecting wires for a racing transmitter are tucked inside a protective plastic case. It's a royal pain to keep taking the cover of the case off and putting it back on to move the transmitter around if you're using one transmitter on multiple cars. I accidentally stripped some of the wires stored inside this "protective" case from taking the cover on and off so many times. Overall I would say it's not a bad car for the price. But I'm pretty sure the new B5 is currently priced for less than what I paid for this buggy, so not sure why anyone would want to pay more for this older model. I would recommend this buggy for experienced to advanced RC drivers and racers. Newbies stay away!