SG Products Reactor X2 Triple Output Voltage Regulator (15A/8.4V)

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This is the Reactor X2 Voltage Regulator from SG Products. If you prefer "direct LiPo" power for the ultimate in speed, torque and performance while still maintaining safe voltage for receivers, gyros and other equipment, the Reactor X2 is for you. The Reactor X2 builds upon the proven design of the original Reactor X, while incorporating the most frequently requested feature from customers...the ability to run unregulated, 8.4V to the CCPM servos!

The Reactor X2 features user selectable voltage, so users can choose between regulated 6.0V, 6.8V or unregulated 8.4V to the CCPM servos, while maintaining a constant 5.2V to the receiver, gyro, tail servos or other sensitive electronics. The Reactor X2 is especially vital for Futaba or flybarless users wishing to run higher voltages with the CCPM servos.

The original Reactor X was the first helicopter voltage regulator system to offer dual regulators with servo power bus connections. The challenge of any power system is to supply current to hard-working servos safely and with the lowest resistance possible. Single battery setups with under size wires and connectors don’t cut it anymore. the new Reactor X2 solves the power supply issue.

New X2 Features:
SG Products has added what customers wanted to the popular, proven, and high quality ReactorX regulator.

  • Three selectable voltage settings of the CCPM servo bus (regulated 6.0V, regulated 6.4V, NEW unregulated 8.4V)
  • Supports over 15 Amps of continuous output for use with any servos on the market.

The preset CCPM voltages are: 6.0V regulated for all standard and digital servos. 6.8V regulated for high voltage type servos and brushless series servos. In addition the X2 now allows full unregulated Li-Po voltage (8.4V at full charge) to pass directly to the servos for maximum voltage to HV type servos.

Reactor X2 allows pilots to use HV servos on any type of receiver that normally would not allow direct Li-Po power supply. Certain Futaba, JR and other receivers do not permit direct Li-Po input voltage but can now be used with Reactor X2 by passing high voltage directly to the CCPM servos and a safe 5.2V to the receiver.

And for those that prefer the consistent flight to flight feel of regulated power the Reactor X2 does it too. With the user selectable, 6.0V or 6.8V, the Reactor X2 ensures consistent performance, whether the battery is 100% or 30% charged. The Reactor X2’s 6.8V power setting will match any direct voltage performance, without feeling any voltage dips encountered during high current extreme flight.

What makes the REACTOR X Different from other Voltage Regulators?

  • “Never-shut-down” circuitry ensures constant power delivery in any possible condition.
  • Exclusive Voltage Bus selectable output setting: CCPM servos can be operated at 6.0V, 6.8V or 8.4V when using new generation high current JR servo or Futaba brushless servos.  A small switch on the Reactor now allows the user to pick the desired output voltage.  No setup required.
  • Receiver and tail servo/gyro operate at rock steady 5.2V.
  • Peak system amperage draw is now over 15A to support multiple high current drain servos and extreme 3D flight.
  • Proven design used in 3D and F3C competitions. 
  • Legacy Reactor features such as quick charge cable, direct power to servos, redundant RX power, and fail-safe-on switch all remain.

Reactor X2 Specifications:
Input Voltage Supply: 7.2V - 8.4V
Output 1 (CCPM/3 Servo BUS): 6.0V, 6.8V or 8.4V (unregulated) selectable; 15A+
Output 2 (Rx, Gyro, Tail Rotor): 5.2V; 5.0A+
On/Off Failsafe: Reactor failsafe to ON if switch failure
Compatibility: JR, Spektrum, Futaba, Hitect, etc.
Battery Types Supported: Li-Poly, Li-Ion, NI-MH, Ni-Cad
Fast Charge Capability: Included fast charge cable
Weight: 56.5g
Battery/Charge Connector: Deans ultra plug style

Each ‘Reactor-X’ Package includes:

  • (1) “Reactor X2” triple output regulator system
  • (3) dual male servo leads (JR type connector)
  • (1) on/off switch jumper connector
  • (1) 8.4V CCPM jumper connector
  • (1) instruction manual with illustrations

This product was added to our catalog on December 17, 2009.

Nate C.
Sunday, Jun 5 2011 (about 4 years ago)
SG Products Reactor X2 Triple Output Voltage Regulator (15A/8.4V)
I have one of these for my Vision 50C and I love it. Just set it and forget it, each output is properly regulated and there is no need for separate regulators for low voltage servos (such as tail servos) there are 5v outputs for these channels. It lets you add lightweight lipos instead of worrying about heavy NiMH in order to get the correct voltage. Great product, would buy another in a heart beat.

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