Serpent S811B 2.0 "Cobra" 1/8 Scale Competition Buggy Kit

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This is the Serpent S811B 2.0  "Cobra" 1/8 Scale Competition Buggy Kit. The changes found on the Cobra 2.0 buggy have been developed over the course of a full year of racing around the world, with feedback from team drivers and testing on a variety of different surfaces. The feedback from the drivers is very good, with durability rated as one of the best on the market, incredibly smooth shocks, and re-designed gears for the diffs and larger bearings in the drivetrain that can now handle the punishment of 1/8 scale racing. According to test drivers the changes provide a more responsive rear end, combined with a bit more steering, and the cab-forward Avenger body tops it off perfectly!


  • Chassis: 3mm 7075 T6 aluminum, with machined pockets to create flex and make it lighter. Kick-up angle on front for stable landings. Countersunk holes. Slots to locate the front and rear suspension mounts precisely. Angled sides to increase stiffness. Laser engraved Cobra logo.   
  • Bumper: Aligned with chassis kick-up for precise landings and to protect front suspension holder and anti-roll bar.
  • Chassis Stiffeners: Composite stiffener front and rear, to give extra stiffness, but still allow some flex.   
  • Central Radio/Servo Mount: Composite radio box which offers good space for the steering and throttle -servo, the receiver and receiver battery. The whole assembly including linkages can be taken off easily and fast in one go, when cleaning the car, or doing maintenance. One extra post is added close to the servo for stability.    
  • Servo Arms & Linkages: The servo arms have a splined insert to have the right fit per brand. The linkages run very clean and tight and are easy to access to modify settings.   
  • Suspension Brackets: Beautifully machined, anodized and laser engraved 7075 T6 aluminum suspension brackets. Precision fit for the nylon roll center inserts and pivot balls/pins.    
  • Steering Block: Composite steering blocks combined with 10 C-hubs provide precise steering. Spring steel wheel-axles with large size inner bearings and precision threaded aluminum wheel-hubs with offset. Flanged and serrated wheel nuts to guarantee that you will not loose a wheel nut in a race.
  • Front Suspension: Durable oversized lower suspension arms are molded from strong composite nylon. On the lower side the special shaped downstop screws are mounted. The lower shock-mounting pins are secured with a small grub screw from the bottom.    
  • Front Anti-Roll Bar: The ball raced front anti-roll bar system consist of a spring steel bend wire, which is guided through the diff-cases and runs in ball raced steel adapters. The wire is linked to the lower suspension arm, with a captured adjustable threaded pivotball, for very precise and low friction operation and easy tuning.   
  • Front Shock Tower & Body Mounts: 4.5mm thick carbon shock tower with 5 upper positioning holes for the shocks and and 6 holes for roll-center positions. 1 centrally located adjustable body mount, and 2 forward mounted adjustable body mounts, all with flip-tops.    
  • Angled Steering System/Servo Saver: The bell cranks are angled to reduce the angle difference between the total caster and steering plane, providing less bump steer and a truer steering Ackerman through the entire range of suspension.
  • Ackerman Plates: With the design of the steering bell cranks, you will not need to adjust your steering tie rods when changing the Ackerman. You only need to adjust the end points on your radio.   
  • Rear Suspension Arms: Durable longer oversized lower suspension arms are molded from strong composite nylon. On the lower side the special downstop screws are mounted. The lower shock-mounting pins are secured with a small grub screw from the bottom.    
  • Mud-Guards: Super light polycarbonate mud guards mount to the lower rear suspension arms and will keep dirt away from your anti-roll bars, transmission and wheels.
  • Rear Upright Assembly: Composite uprights with 3 upper roll-center positions. Strong steel track-rods with L/R threading and strong ball joints to pre-set camber. Spring steel wheel-axles with larger inner bearings and precision threaded aluminum wheel-hubs with offset. Rubber dust covers in the rear protect the cvd system and keep the lubrication inside. Flanged and serrated wheel nuts guarantee that you will not loose a wheel nut in a race.   
  • Mud Scrapers: Composite mud scrapers mount to the uprights, and will keep the inside of your wheel cleaner in muddy conditions.
  • Rear Anti-Roll Bar: The ball raced rear anti-roll bar system, consist of a spring steel bend wire, which is guided through the diff-cases and runs in ball raced steel adapters. The wire is linked to the lower suspension arm, with a captured adjustable threaded pivotball, for very precise and low friction operation.   
  • Rear Shock Tower: 4.5mm thick carbon shock tower, integrated into the rear section for extra stiffness, with 5 upper positioning holes for the shocks and 6 holes for roll-center positions.    
  • Rear Wing Mount & Body Mounts: Composite rear wing, with strong nylon adjustable rear body mounts on wide body-support bridge located far enough to the rear to support the body.    
  • Captured Pivot Pins, Balls & Bolted Hinge Pins: All hinge pins are either captured or bolted in place and made from high quality spring-steel. This relieves stress on the hinge pin when adjusting the kick up, or anti squat and allows the pin to rotate to any angle without binding.   
  • Big-Bore 16mm Shock Absorbers: Hard Teflon coated threaded shock bodies with 4mm shock-rods. Hard anodized aluminum screw on shock-tops with Serpent laser engraving. Pre-load adjusters with o-rings inside. Shocks use large diameter membranes, with large diameter o-rings and bushings to create a super smooth and leak-proof package. Large diameter pistons are held in place with a nut on the polished shock-rods. Open type spring retainer to let dirt out easy. The shock-shafts are protected by rubber boots.   
  • RCM Shock Springs: Short type color coded shock springs are supplied for the standard set-up. Springs are ground flat top and bottom, and checked individually for tension and length.    
  • Compact Gear Differentials: Compact gear differentials with very smooth metal sintered gears, and steel shafts. Perfect sealed case with special gasket and o-rings. Very light and durable outdrive cups in spring-steel. Hardened spring-steel diff-coupler rotates in 2 oversized bearings. Drive ratio 4.3:1. This drive ratio will provide amazing acceleration combined with low vehicle weight. It is a sure win, and will help improve fuel mileage.
  • Front & Rear CVD-Sets: Both front and rear captured driveshafts are being used with the CVD system. Durable yet light spring steel engraved driveshafts with hard steel pins.   
  • Spring Steel Transmission Parts: The front and rear thin but strong spring steel cardan shafts connect the differentials .    
  • Throttle & Brake Lever Ball Cups: Helps provide consistent leverage on the brake lever or carburetor if you do not have the linkage perfectly aligned.
  • Piston Braking System: Provides more stopping power than you could have ever imagined, with less servo power. Also is fully adjustable with 3 types of pistons, solid, O ring type, spring type. In turn you can adjust your bias or braking feel to your liking in more ways than ever before.
  • Fiber Glass Disc Brakes: Fiber Glass brake disks with oversized front disk.
  • Brake Plate Springs: Will keep the plates spread open to ensure un-wanted brake disk drag.
  • 4 Shoe clutch: Allows you to mix and match shoe materials evenly in pairs. Also provides more surface area for consistent engagement. 4 carbon shaped shoes are standard (aluminum optional).
  • Coil Exhaust Wire & Aluminum Mount: Helps aid in the front to back movement of the pipe when chassis flex occurs and helps to prevent damage to the exhaust gaskets.
  • Engine Mount: Machined 7075 T6 aluminum engine mount, with side cooling-fins.    
  • 125cc Fuel Tank: Splash basin on the top with a self centering fuel tank seal. The fuel tank seal is angled to self guide its way into the bore of the tank. At the same time will provide a seal on the chamfered and flat edges, providing consistent engine performance from one pit stop to the next. Built in tank splash guard helps prevent fuel from splashing onto your air filter.
  • Fuel Line & Stoppers: Top quality soft silicone fuel line to connect to tank, car and pipe, and also includes small composite stoppers to close your fuel line when taking the tank, engine, or pipe out.
  • Tank with Swiveling Nipple & Floating Clunk: With the swiveling nipple you are able to adjust the angle you want the fuel line to travel. At the same time the floating clunk helps when the car is upside down.
  • Oversized Tank with Adjustable Volume: With the insertion of a simple screw and volume reducer you can have ROAR, IFMAR and any other organizations legal tank volume.
  • Low Profile Air Filter: Centralized air filter design to minimize cab width and height. Flexible rubber boot combined with strong nylon case to support the foam elements. Excellent dense foam airfilter elements to keep your engines clean inside.
  • Body: Serpent cab forward Avenger body is included in the kit with film and masking tape.
  • Rear Wing: Low version strong rear white aero rear wing is included for great downforce and straight line stability.
  • Oils & Grease: The shock-oil, diff oil and grease is supplied to meet the standard set-up.    
  • Manual & Set-Up: Full color manual with easy to follow assembly steps, exploded views to help find spare parts, as well as blank and standard set-up sheets for a good starting set-up.    
  • Decals: Includes black and white Serpent and Cobra promo body-decals.    
  • Packing: Parts are packed according to the steps explained in the manual.    
  • Service & Support: The Serpent distributor, dealer or agent is your source for more info, but also the Serpent website, member section and the Youtube channel provides lots of information.

Name: Serpent 811 2.0 Cobra Buggy
1/8 scale 4wd buggy
Type: kit-version, high end competition   
Weight: 3,300 grams (weight varies according to equipment used)
Clutch: 4-shoe centrifugal, carbon shoes
Differential: light weight, small gear diffs front/center/rear
Brake: Piston type with glass fiber disks
Shocks: 16mm big bore
Fuel tank: 125cc

Needed to Complete:

  • Big Block Nitro Engine & Tuned Exhaust System
  • 2 Channel Radio System
  • High Torque Steering & Brake Servo's (2)
  • Receiver Battery
  • Glow Driver
  • Starter Box & Batteries
  • Nitro Fuel & Fuel Bottle
  • Paint for Polycarbonate Body
  • Tires, Wheels & Glue
  • Charger for Receiver Pack & Starter Box Batteries

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Ernesto Martinez
Tuesday, Jul 16 2013 (about 2 years ago)
Serpent S811B 2.0 "Cobra" 1/8 Scale Competition Buggy Kit
Awsome car, handles great and is the more durable buggy out there!! A+ quality and easy to built!
Cody Horner
Verified Owner
Thursday, Sep 19 2013 (about 2 years ago)
Serpent S811B 2.0 "Cobra" 1/8 Scale Competition Buggy Kit
And update to my review after running the kit for a couple months, which I realize is important before posting reviews ;-) Save your time and buy another kit. First of all, the kit is a capable kit with a good setup and the time and patience to maintain it. No doubt about that. However, the kit itself leaves much to be desired in terms of maintenance and the build process. First of all, I was missing a couple parts during the initial build which is always a PITA. Secondly, the fit of the plastics and other components was nice and tight in some places, and sloppy and lose in others. Other spots, it was incredibly tight to the point of having to heat plastics to avoid stripping screw heads (front bulkhead assembly). Also, maintenance on this kit is an absolute pain. You would think the 1 piece radio tray is clever design, but it is not. The tray is flimsy and flexes and eventually strips screws. The linkage is a pain, and always annoying to have to pop ball ends on and off just for maintenance. There are a ton of screws to undo just to get access to your battery which is a giant waste of time, and further more dirt still gets inside this "sealed" tray easily from all angles. Lastly, the CVD's combined with the cheap bearings are just brutal. Don't say I didn't warn you! If you put in the time for maintenance, the plastics are very durable however and the kit can perform. It has a nice free drivetrain and the brakes work well.... when not caked with dirt, which will take all of 10 minutes on some tracks.

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