Reviews for Savox SW-0231MG "Tall" Waterproof Metal Gear Digital Servo [SAV-SW-0231MG]

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James C.
Verified Owner
Monday, Apr 7 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Savox SW-0231MG "Tall" Waterproof Metal Gear Digital Servo
Purchased this servo to install in my Durango DESC410R V2. I wanted a waterproof servo that didn't cost to much and had good specs. This fit that bill. Also my other Savox servos have been very good so I picked this up. Unfortunately I was unable to install it into the Durango due to the length and width of the case. I knew it was a "tall" standard but I didn't think the couple extra mm's would be an issue. I was wrong. It is also wider then a standard servo. I am not sure if it is because it has a thicker case for the waterproofing or not. It feels like it is well built like my other Savox servo's do. But I have yet to run it in anything because I have no use for it. Not sure what I am going to do with it but when I finally figure it out I will write a review about the performance.