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Darrin Quinn
Monday, Mar 21 2011 (about 4 years ago)
OFNA CNC Delrin 42T Spur Gear
Update on this Spur gear it is now May 25th... Raced almost every weekend with no issues what so ever.. So for the guy who posted these are no good.. I am sure something got stuck in your spur gear to make it wear that fast..
Robert Ralston
Verified Owner
Sunday, Dec 5 2010 (about 5 years ago)
OFNA CNC Delrin 42T Spur Gear
After a 5 min practice about 4 teeth were burred, something must have got in between them! I cleaned them up a little with a hobby knife. After another 8 min of racing the teeth were a melted blob! Back to the steel original. I have run plastic Spurs before on 1/8th brushless with no problem but this plastic doesn't seem to good.