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Chris Elena
Wednesday, Mar 25 2015 (6 months ago)
OFNA Car Stand (Blue)
I use this for both my B5M and my SC10. The spinning feature is really handy when you are doing tires and the like. The foam pads do not come installed, so you have to install them yourself. If you get it wrong the foam does not like to be repositioned and the glue is wicked strong and you only have one set of pads, so you get one shot at it. Take your time when installing them. The unit does collapse down into itself, with a recess for the shaft as well. The shock holding feature is suspect, but most of us have a dedicated stand for that anyways. All in all, I really like this stand and the value is definitely there at this price point.
Travis Bull
Verified Owner
Thursday, Mar 1 2012 (about 3 years ago)
OFNA Car Stand (Blue)
A good car stand, but not very suitable for a 2WD Slash because they're so rear heavy and the rear end bracket/mounts get in the way. My SC10 2WD balances ok on it though because it has a flatter chassis.