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Alex Moreland
Tuesday, Apr 22 2014 (about 2 years ago)
Hudy Special Turnbuckle Tool
Cody, is Hudy forcing anyone to purchase their tools? This is a hobby for crying out loud, none of this is necessary, it's all for fun, get what you want. Quit being such a crybaby.
Kevin Beebe
Verified Owner
Thursday, Oct 25 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Hudy Special Turnbuckle Tool
Excellent Tool. Thin enough to fit between rod ends that are too cklose together for other tools to fit. Unlike some steel die-cut versions I've seen, this one is made from a material that is strong enough to do the job while still being comfortable to use.
Ted Hopkins
Verified Owner
Thursday, Jul 26 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Hudy Special Turnbuckle Tool
Excellent tool. Finally found one flat enough with 8mm to fit in many places on my Serpents 811 that other tools were to thick.
Matt C
Verified Owner
Friday, Sep 28 2012 (about 3 years ago)
Hudy Special Turnbuckle Tool
This tool is perfect for fitting in small gaps & its great value
Matthew Taylor
Tuesday, Nov 17 2015 (5 months ago)
Hudy Special Turnbuckle Tool
I've been wrenching on various mechanical things for the last 40 years. I have a professional Snap on box FULL of tools, that if I were to go and replace would easily top 30k. my point is this. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about tools will know that you have to have the right tool for the right application. That said, I have many tools I can and do use for my RC needs but I have found there ARE very specific tools (some a better quality then others) required to do the job correctly and without sustaining any more damage to what your working on. I agree. these Hudy tools are not cheap. But you do get what you pay for. I have said for a lot of Hudy's tools. And guess what? if needs be. I'll do it again.For those of you on here bitching about cost. carry your ass on down to Walmart and get you some tools and then proceed to ruin your expensive RC item! After doing that a few times? You'll come around. And for the record Cody. before you go shooting off your mouth. Do your homework first! Snap On, Craftsman, Mac etc, will NOT save you ANY $ when it comes to their tools. I know. Wanna see my receipts?? buy these. They are top shelf tools. Nuff said. have fun everyone!
Jody McIntyre
Wednesday, Jun 24 2015 (10 months ago)
Hudy Special Turnbuckle Tool
Cody,Hudy makes the best material avaliable in the world to make his tools, cars/buggies.If you would buy a xray and see the quality in the spring steel.You would understand why the tools cost more than other.
Cody B.
Saturday, May 4 2013 (about 3 years ago)
Hudy Special Turnbuckle Tool
OMG!!! i can hardly believe that i found a reasonably priced tool from hudy!!! its not priced as if it were plated with gold!!! seriously though...most of the tools hudy offers can be found in the same if not better quality from other manufacturers for half OR EVEN 1/3 THE PRICE!!! DONT GET ME WRONG.. most of their tools are of great quality and it would be awesome to have them as a sponsor to get their stuff for free...BUT if i did i would sell a lot of them and buy the same tools for A HELLUVA LOT CHEAPER from manufacturers like craftsman, snap-on, mac or husky...if you plan on buying something from hudy do yourself a favor and SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! EVEN THOUGH THIS IS PRICED DECENTLY I WILL NOT BUY IT BECAUSE HUDY IS ONE OF THE WORST COMPANIES (if not THE worst) WHEN IT COMES TO RIPPING PEOPLE OFF AND I REFUSE TO HAVE MY HARD EARNED MONEY GO TO A DISGUSTING COMPANY THAT EXPLOITS THE NAIVETY OF THE PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY MUST PURCHASE "SPECIAL TOOLS" FOR THEIR glad to get that out of my system!