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Westen Stonehocker
Sunday, May 13 2012 (about 3 years ago)
HPI Racing Savage High-Performance Suspension Conversion Set
Pro: Kit looks good on truck, Allows for minor steering adjustments Con(s): Kit pushed tightly against shock springs, Kit requires major filing of Gear Box/Bulk Head to fit custom parts. (Surprised a HPI designed kit would require filing of plastic parts which weakens them) Kit contains some screws which thread into Aluminum and STRIP. Poor design. Kit does contain bolts/nuts which are good. Steering can only be adjusted so much as aluminum pieces don't allow for full steering extension without rubbing. Overall I was very excited to receive this kit, and after my 3rd weekend driving I removed all parts except for rear components (those held up just fine). Prior to kit I hadn't broke A-arms, however after installing the kit, I have broke 4 A-arms, among some other minor parts due to having aluminum on plastic. Hope this helps someone else save 150.00. Buy wheels with 1/2 offset. Will have same desired outcome.
Ben Beyer
Thursday, May 28 2015 (8 months ago)
HPI Racing Savage High-Performance Suspension Conversion Set
When installed PROPERLY this kit is a MUST HAVE for any Savage owner!! It makes the truck SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more driveable. You can actually turn the truck at speed as there is camber rise with suspension compression. There are spacers included to prevent rubbing on big bores. I didn't have to grind out anything to make it fit. I did however grind off some of the steering stop to gain extra steering. I put it on all my Savages and recommend it to anyone capable of installing a kit properly.