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Jesse Cooper
Verified Owner
Monday, Jan 17 2011 (about 5 years ago)
Fioroni Turbo Sliding Clutch System
No pins to wear out, no aluminum to sand out of my clutch bell, and great longivity. This clutch is really nice and easy to use with no worries and great response. I suggest anyone with any car or truck to try it. My original shoes have last a full season so far and maybe half of the next.
Rholston dela Cruz
Sunday, Nov 3 2013 (about 2 years ago)
Fioroni Turbo Sliding Clutch System
Been using this for quite some time now on my truggy. D8t, .21xz, .28xz, with 2060/2090 pipes, 13t/14t vented bells. Noted interesting thing, clutch nut isn't a normal sized nut, clutch shoes look like they would get shredded quickly and would lack punch. First things noted on the track (.28xz w/2060 pipe), power delivery felt smooth, bottom end punch was fine. Acceleration out of turns weren't difficult to control on both high and low traction areas. After a couple of hours of practice runs, the shoes had very little signs of wear at all, tension springs had no signs of fatigue, but the thing intrigued me the most was the fact that the clutch bell bearings I was using felt as though they weren't used at all. Long term notes, shoes changed at about every 4th gallon of fuel, large shim disappears after several tanks of fuel, clutch bearings just have to be cleaned, repacked and reused. Other notes, clutch shoes are quite expensive per unit but last pretty long. Maintenance is minimal. Replacement shoes are hard to find anywhere. No more filing down mushroomed shoes anymore.
Tony Beven
Verified Owner
Tuesday, Nov 22 2011 (about 4 years ago)
Fioroni Turbo Sliding Clutch System
This clutch is great. You could spend the $60 on clutch shoes for 3 race meetings, and probably stick yourself with a screwdriver twice putting them in, or you could buy this one. I use a ventilated clutch bell. 3 race meetings, looks like new. Great value. You will need a clutch shim set to space the flywheel and clutch bell out, the whole assembly comes up a bit short (better than too long). I used a SWK3195 - Sportwerks Clutch Shim Bag: Turmoil (I bought 2). All good.