DirtChamp Design TimeR Infared Lap Timing System

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This is the DirtChamp Design "TimeR" Infared Lap Timing System.

Software Features:

  • Tracks: You can create as many tracks as you like, the idea is to create one for each location you usually practice or race. The intention is to easily be able to find your way to previous practice data and organize your sessions in an intuitive order.
  • Sessions: Each track can have as many sessions as you like, to choose a session you just double click in the tree found in the Tracks tab. When a session is chosen, all the laps will be stored in a text file automatically associated to this track/session.
  • Session Statistics: This information is based on all the user information available for that particular session. If you have several transponders registered it is a good way to keep track on which car/driver is the fastest or most consistent.
  • Sound: Hit sound can be enabled or disabled by pressing the sound symbol in the lower part of the screen.
  • Reports: You can get a user specific report based on the active session data. You can choose from outputting a formatted pdf-report or a comma separated file to be imported into MS Excel if that suits your purpose better.
  • Track Temperature: Keep track of surface temperatures.
  • TimeR Battery Indicator: This is an indicator of the battery status of the TimeR and is divided into 25, 50, 75 or 100%. The recommendation is to bring the TimeR in for charging when it reaces 25%.
  • Bluetooth Symbol: This is an indicator of whether you are connected to TimeR or not. When the symbol is green you are connected and when it is red you are not.
  • iLapR Symbol: This is an indicator of whether you are connected to the iLapR server or not. When the symbol is green you are connected and when it is red you are not.
  • Spoken Lap Times: LapR can read the lap times in real time as soon as they are registered. Obviously it can only do this for one user at a time.
  • Nominal Lap Time: This is an estimation of your average lap time. LapR counts mistakes based on this lap time and the mistake percentage setting.
  • Mistake Percentage: This percentage is of the nominal lap time and is used to detect whether a lap time involves a mistake or not. Set a high percentage if the lap time varies a lot and a low percentage if you want small deviations to be noticed in this number.
  • Serial Port: In windows this must be chosen depending on what Windows assigns for the TimeR. In Mac OS X TimeR most of the times gets assigned the standard alternative. But if that is not the case, this option exists.
  • iLapR: An apple iphone/ipod touch application will be released soon. This tab sets the login/password in order for LapR to synchronize each lap with a DCD supported server. If this option is enabled all the laps can be accessed using the iPhone at any location desired. If internet is available the laps can be seen in real time in the iphone. If internet is not available the lap times will be synchronized as soon as it gets available.
  • Users: The system is based on a personal transponder system, this means that to be able to use its full potential each transponder should be registered. Otherwise you will miss out information and the system will NOT register your laps. In order to be able to find out your own transponder number you need to enable siffer mode in the settings tab. This will print your number in the practice tab after registering hits for approximately 10 seconds. The idea is that no other system should be able to sniff your transponder while on the track. Each user gets a dashboard square with all essential statistics like best lap, last lap, best heat, least mistakes etc.
  • Race Mode: It is a possibility to run several types of single heat races. Both qualifying heats and final heats can be set in a conventional way just by selecting the race time. You can choose to run speed races based on a specific number of laps as well. As soon as the race is finished a pdf report is automatically created.


  • IR Range:
    • 13' - 22' (4-7 meter) depending on conditions
  • Battery and Power:
    • Powerd by a Li-lon cell charged using included USB-cable.
    • Run Time: 12 hours
  • Wireless:
    • Class 1 Bluetooth link
    • Bluetooth 2.0 and 3.0
    • Bluetooth Range: 328' (100m)
  • Number of users:
    • Unique transponder number that allows Unlimited users.
  • Software LapR:
    • Runs on Windows, Mac OS 10.6 or later
  • Sensors:
    • Track Temperature sensor.
  • DCD Transponder:
    • Size: 22x21x5mm
    • Power: 4.2-6.0V via the RX
System Requirements:
  • PC with Windows and Bluetooth
  • Mac with OS X and Bluetooth
  • TimeR receiver module
  • LapR software, Mac and PC on USB stick
  • (1) DCD Transponder
  • Charging cable for TimeR
  • Tripod for TimeR

This product was added to our catalog on November 17, 2011.

conrad fourie
Wednesday, Nov 13 2013 (about a year ago)
DirtChamp Design TimeR Infared Lap Timing System
Only buy this if you want to use it for timing and practise. DO NOT BUY THIS FOR CLUB RACING!!! We bought a system with 10 transponders and it is too unreliable for club racing. Software is crappy and doesn't support full race mode with pre-qualifiers (Only single heat racing and qualifier mode, but the person with the least laps wins!? - flawed). DCD is also not planning the upgrade their software anytime. If used for different cars during club races then the shapes of the different body shells affects the angle the transponder sends the IR beam and not all cars get registered when they complete the laps. Great concept but more IR pick-up sensors are required.
Verified Owner
Wednesday, Feb 6 2013 (about 2 years ago)
DirtChamp Design TimeR Infared Lap Timing System
From Kyosho Mini-Z to 1/10 F1 and Touring Cars, this DCD timing system can handle all my timing needs. It also works nicely with the Andriod App called "TimingBeam" which enables my mobile phone to instantly speak out my lap times every time my car crosses the start-finish line. It is better than iLapR as it does not require any internet access.
Wednesday, Jan 8 2014 (about a year ago)
DirtChamp Design TimeR Infared Lap Timing System
It is a small revolution for private track testing and with the mobile app for the Iphone to get the lap times read to you in the ear. i have a some extra transponders an i invite my friend for practice and we have even done qualifications and finals. worked awesome. I have used it at races to in the team to secretly test stuff with out showing other by using the race computer during free practice, it is a super good tol and with the program you can do some notifications and keep track of previous testing on a track and compare. It is a must have for the serious racer/teams and for friends who want to know who is the fastest. It is very good

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